AppDoze is a blog/website by launched by students and developers to help other people get free software. On appdoze, we will partner with software companies to provide you hundreds of premium softwares, absolutely cost-free. We will share giveaway links, and serial keys provided by the software developer themselves for you to use as a means to activate the full version of a given app. There’s no piracy involved here and all our giveaways come from a collection of different sources and/or websites, where it was shared by the app developers. These giveaways help software companies promote their software and give them a platform to showcase what they have created, and it helps users or readers of the blog/website to get them for free.

To Software Developers:

If you are a software development company or even if you’re a solo-developer and have developed a software that you’d like us to post on our website as a giveaway, you can use this contact form