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EasySpeech2Text PRO Giveaway

EasySpeech2Text PRO Giveaway

EasySpeech2Text is the simplest speech recognition software used to convert your voice and speech into plain text. At the same time, it also supports converting your text to voice. With its high-quality natural sounding voice, this text-to-speech program will improve your work efficiency greatly. As it has been powered with Google and other advanced TTS/STT technology, the converted results could be guaranteed.

Feature Highlights


Easy Speech2Text will recognize the voice from audio and convert it to text by its machine learning mode. Three Modes for choices.


Easy Speech2Text will process text-to-audio with natural sounding voices. Supporting multiple languages and variants. High quality.

Advanced Engine

Powered by Google machine learning and other advanced AI engines, the TTS/TTS process and results could be safe and reliable.

The key feature of EasySpeech2Text is that you can call Google STT/TTS API directly without any development skills.

– Google TTS/STT API is the No.1 technology in the world. It provides high accuracy and fast audio transcription process and TTS with natural voices.

– Calling Google API directly will be the cheapest and most cost-effective solution in today’s marketing. For TTS, there are many free solutions like But for mp3 transcription and converting audio to text, most software is expensive. Like Transcribeme you need pay for $0.79 for one minute. While for using EasySpeech2Text and call Google API, you get 12,500 minutes free transcription and $0.024 for one minute after the free credits used up.


EasySpeech2Text PRO Giveaway
EasySpeech2Text PRO Giveaway

How to get free license?


  • Download EasySpeech2Text Pro from this download link and Install it normally (like any other app, following on-screen instructions)
  • Open the app, then click on Settings icon (gear icon) and then click on “Register” option
  • Enter this key in the field “80bd72d4-ad2a-4c40-af69-03097a242b50” (without quotes) and click “Register” button and wait until you see “Successfully Registered”
  • That’s it, Enjoy your free license of EasySpeech2Text Pro

EasySpeech2Text PRO Giveaway Highlights

  • This is a 1-computer lifetime license intended to be used for noncommercial purposes.
  • No free updates or technical support are provided with this giveaway license key
  • You must redeem the license key before this offer has ended. (1Day and 21Hrs from the date of posting this article)

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